What are radical equations?
Radical equations are any equation that contains radicals and variables in the radicand.
In order to solve these equations the first step in the process is to isolate the radical in either
side of the equation. The next step is to square each side therefore ousting the radical.

Rules and Equations:

In general, you solve equations by isolating the variable; you isolate the variable by undoing whatever had been done to it.

There are a couple of issues that frequently arise when solving radical equations. The first is that you must square sides, not terms. o

The other issue is that you will need to check your answers. You can always check your answers in a solved equation by plugging your answer back into the original equation and making sure that it fits. pyright © Elizabeth Stapel 2006-2008 All Rights Reserved


Solving Radical Equations

Solving Radical Equations

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