9-3 Factoring Trinomials x^2 + bx + c

Chapter 9.3 taught about how to factor a trinomial. Factoring and trinomial is not hard, this skill is made mostly of multiplication. This process is taken after FOIL had been done to the equation. When factoring you are breaking up the equation to find the value of the variable. In this section you will learn how to easily factor a trinomial.

A trinomial is a polynomial with three terms. They are sometimes written in the form of ax^2 + bx + c, where a,b, and c are constants.

Steps for factoring trinomials when there is a constant before x
1. Multiply A and C together. What is your product?
2. Write down or think of the factors of that product. Which one of those factors will add up to be your B term?
3. Your answer will separate in to two different terms
  • (x+factor) (x+factor)
  • Whether you put a + or - sign depends on the original problem
  • When there is no A term before X the factors of term C must add up to your B term
  • When the constant term is negative, as in parts a), b), c), then the signs in each factor will be different. But when that term is positive, as in part d), the signs will be the same. Usually, however, that happens by itself.
  • When 1 is the coefficient of x^2, the order of the factor does not matter

Practice Problems:
1. x2-5x-66
2. a2+8ยช+15
3. x2-18x-40
4. x2+6x-72

Practice Problems Answers:
1. (x-11) (x+6)
2. (a+5)(a+3)
3. (x+2)(x-20)
4. (x-6)(x+12)

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