8-8 Special Products

  • In this section you will learn to find the squares of sums and differences and to find the product of a sum and a difference. Some pairs of binomials have products that follow a specific pattern. One pattern is the square of a sum, (a+b) (a+b) or (a+b)2. Pages: 458-463.

Key Concepts:
Square of a Sum- (a+b) x (a+b) = (a) x (a) + 2ab + (b) x (b)
Square of Difference- (a-b) x (a-b) = (a) x (a) - 2ab + (b) x (b)
Product of a Sum and a Difference (a-b) x (a+b) = (a) x (a) - (b) x (b)

1. Rewrite terms
2. Use foil
3. Combine like terms

1. (y + 4)²
(y + 4)²
(y + 4) (y + 4)
y² + 8y + 16

2. (2g + 5)²
(2g + 5)²
(2g + 5) (2g +5)
4g² + 20g +25

Practice Sheets
Square of a Difference.doc
Square of a Difference Answer Key.doc
Square of Sums.doc
Square of a Sum Answers.doc
Prouduct of sum and a differnce.doc
Product of Sum and a Difference Answer Key.doc

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