8-2 Dividing Monomials

Dividing monomials is very useful for almost all algebraic equations and anything
can be substituted as the variable as long as it makes sense when you check back.

  • Inverse: the reverse of a monomial
  • Negative Exponent: for any non zero number and any integer
  • Variable: a letter that replaces an unknown number
  • Zero Exponent: for any non zero number

How to Divide a Monomial using Factoring with Basic Algebra
Step 1) Find the factors to the numerator and denominator in the
simplest form.
Step 2) Divide as you normally would, and cancel out the numbers of equal value on the top and bottom of the fraction bar.



How to Divide a Monomial with Variables
When the variable is the same on the numerator and denominator, the powers are subtracted. When the variable with the bigger power is the numerator, you should subtract. If the bigger power is on the bottom, you still subtract; there are special rules if you have a negative power.


How to Divide a Monomial with Negative Powers
When the power is negative, it need to be multiplied by its inverse. If the negative power is in the numerator, the term should be put into the denominator and the power should be positive.


Example of how a negative power looks like as a fraction:

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